What we offer the advertiser

2DaySpecials offer a unique opportunity to the restaurant industry. An affordable and technological way to reach new and existing clientele. Restaurants exist because of clients. More clients means more business. Every restaurant knows that clients are attracted to specials. People want to eat. They not only want to eat, they want to eat local and lekker, but the majority are cash strap. That is why specials are so effective in attracting people. Most restaurants rely on expensive advertisement to get the word out about their specials. Advertisement takes a big chunk out of any budget. 2DaySpecials offer our unique and affordable service to the restaurants industry. No restaurant has to accept defeat when it comes to advertising. When you advertise your specials with 2DaySpecials, you get the same exposure as the restaurant on the corner. You can now beat the competition because we level the playing field.

2DaySpecials offer you an effective method to attract new clients. We understand the importance of brand recognition. Our app allows you to upload your company or restaurant logo for display on a rotation basis at the top for the handheld device. Rotation is at a 2 seconds interval. People tend to associate logos or brands with what they can get. Your brand or your logo must incite expectation. Expectation bring excitement and excitement bring curiosity. Curiosity is satisfied by surprise. To capitalize on the curiosity of consumers you as the advertiser must entice them with something that is not just the normal. It must be something special. That is where 2DaySpecials factor into your equation. Our focus is on marketing your specials.

We have divided each day into three main meals. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. We offer you the opportunity to create a special for each of these meals. Meaning that you now have the opportunity to attract clients that you would not normally have attracted. We further enhance your options by giving you not one (1) but two (2) advertising slots per meal. This translate to an exciting opportunity where you as the advertiser can offer two (2) different and attractive specials for each meal. Two (2) for breakfast, two (2) for lunch and two (2) for dinner. You get this unique opportunity for each day of the week. That translates to six (6) adverts per day. Seven (7) days a week. That’s right! We offer you 42 advertising slots per seven (7) day week. An astonishing one hundred and sixty eight (168) adverts per month!

An additional option is available to those that seek to further attract the attention of potential clients. We provide you with a pop-up ad at the bottom of the screen of the handheld device. This ad is not restricted to a specific meal. This ad will pop-up regardless of the search criteria of the consumer. The bottom ad or pop-up ad can be changed, modified or removed at any time and as often as you choose. All pop-up ads will display on a rotation basis. This pop-up ad runs every day, all day for the whole month. Rotation is at a 4 seconds interval.

To those that prefer “in your face” advertisement and have a strong brand following and loyalty, 2DaySpecials offer you the opportunity to display your “Brand Logo” as a “background” on the app. This means that your Logo will be visible throughout the consumers engagement with the app. Regardless of their individual preferences, your logo will be displayed as a background. This will enhance brand consciousness. All main ads will display on a rotation basis. Rotation is at a 6 seconds interval.

Our affordable rates make advertising available to every restaurant owner, from corporate and franchises owners to the small business owner, the deli shop owner and even the one man coffee shop.

We offer three advertisement options.

1. Basic ad service @ R 1,000.00

2. Basic ad service plus bottom “pop-up” ad @ R 5,000.00

3. Main ad space @ R 25,000.00

An annual administration fee of R 500.00 will be added to your first month bill and every 12 months thereafter. All prices exclude VAT.