What we offer the consumer

As our name indicates, our main focus is to promote specials that is available right now. If you are like us that means you would want to eat when you are hungry. Not tomorrow or next week, but right now. Being hungry now does not mean you have to eat the same thing every day. Unfortunately the reason most people eat the same stuff every day is because they do not know what else is available. We at 2DaySpecials faced the same dilemma and develop this app to provide you with the information needed to liberate your eating habits. 2DaySpecials is focused on bringing all the specials from the various restaurants in your immediate vicinity to one localized space, your cell phone screen. From the comfort of your chair, you can now select what you want to eat, where you want to eat and how much you want to spend on that specific meal before you stand up to go! All this with the touch of a button. By sharing knowledge, 2DaySpecials is dedicated to empower ordinary people. 2DaySpecials is putting the power of choice at your fingertips. By downloading and installing the 2DaySpecials app, people from all walks of life can now have access to restaurant specials. People want to eat out but most of us are on a budget. 2DaySpecials empower people with the ability to spend their hard earn money on the specials they can afford and that is available from restaurants in their area. By making use of 2DaySpecials you can compare specials from various restaurants. You will suddenly realizes that there are restaurants in your immediate vicinity that you did not even knew existed. Instead of waiting until you are standing outside the restaurant or seated in the restaurant before you are told what is on special, you can now simply consult 2DaySpecials before you even leave the comfort of your chair.

Your search is limited to what is current to the day and time of your search. This means you cannot search for tomorrow’s special today nor can you search for breakfast specials after 12pm or lunch specials after 4pm.

2DaySpecials make use of the GPS locator in your mobile device to pinpoint your location. Once your location is determent, you can select the radius for your search. We have divided each day into three main meals. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. You can choose the meal you want, e.g. lunch. Select the category of your liking, e.g. BBQ. Choose the price range you are willing to pay, e.g. R 50.00-R 100.00. Indicate how you would like your search results to be displayed, e.g. Lowest to highest. Press the search button and wait for your results. The hardest part of this app is to choose which special you will select. Even if you select a special from a restaurant you do not know all you have to do is view the map. We even provide you with directions to the restaurant!

So what are you waiting for? The app is free to use! Download and install the app, Registration is quick and easy. Don’t be a grinch, share this app with your friends!